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Questions About Our Service:

Is all my personal (especially financial) information safe?
The use of secure servers and browsers encrypts the data traveling between our system and yours. In addition, the assignment of unique account numbers and passwords ensures that no one can get access to your return unless you give it to them.

Is help available online while I'm filling out my return?
There are several resources available to you while in the system. IRS instructions are available through the button as is general system help. Specific pages of the IRS instructions will be accessible through buttons located on forms and worksheets. You can also submit specific questions to technical support via e-mail at any link. These buttons and links are spread liberally throughout the system with the Help button being always available on the bottom button bar. Also on the bottom button bar is the button. This button will in many instances provide additional data entry information about the particular field you cursor currently inhabits.

What's free? What charges are there?
You can access the FileSafe system to prepare your tax return free of charge. There is no charge for filling out and calculating your return. You can choose to have the system produce a fileable copy of your tax return and/or you can choose to have your return filed electronically. There are charges for these two services. You make these elections by clicking on buttons on the Forms/Menu while in your return. Make sure you have you're payment information on the basic information worksheet completed when you make these elections.

How do I make use of a coupon or special discount code?
Use the special field on the basic information worksheet in your return to enter this information. Follow the instructions you received with your coupon or code. The basic information worksheet is your first stop when entering a return. You can also return to the basic info worksheet whenever you choose when entering a return to enter this information.

What information do I need to enter a tax return into the FileSafe system?
You will need all the relevant information you normally need to prepare your return. This will include all your income statements; W2, 1099s, etc... You will also need any deductible expense information such as mortgage interest, medical expenses, etc... It is also a good idea to have your prior year tax return handy.

Do I have to finish my return all in one session?
NO. You can leave your return and come back later to finish it.

How can I print my return?
It's as simple as clicking the button from the "Forms/Menu" while in your return. No special software is needed. You should be able to print your return using any printer which has been properly setup with your operating system. This would include ink jets, bubble jets, laser printers, and dot matrix printers 24 pin or better. It is also necessary to have your payment information on the basic information worksheet correctly filled in.

What about electronic filing?
Electronic filing of your tax return speeds up your refund and provides you with an electronic "receipt" showing that your return has been filed and received by the IRS. If there are any problem areas, you get a quick response. With paper filing, you may wait weeks or even months to find out there was something wrong. It's as easy as a mouse click on a button on the "Forms/Menu" while in your return. Make sure you have your payment information on the basic information worksheet filled in before you make this election.

How will I know the status of my electronically filed return?
Did it get there OK? Was it accepted? You will be notified via e-mail at every important step along the electronic filing path. We will notify you when your return is received, when it is transmitted to the IRS, and when a response from the IRS is received by the FileSafe system. You can also see copies of the e-mail we send you from inside the system from the "Forms/Menu" page by clicking on the button.

What if my return is rejected?
You will be notified via e-mail about the rejection including the reason for the rejection. This notice will include the IRS rejection code information as well as a description of the problem. If you can correct the problem, you can then file the return again. You will only be billed once for electronic filing when your return is accepted.

How quick can I get my refund?
If you elected to directly deposit your refund, you can expect it in about 10 to 14 days from the date the return was accepted by the IRS. If not, add a week. If you filed your return on paper, it can take 6 weeks or more to receive your refund.

Will my return be available to me next year?
All returns which have been filed electronically or have chosen to print IRS forms will be "rolled over" in preparation for the next season and will be available to you on the system.

Will I have to get a new account number?
We do require a new account be setup each tax season. Although your return will be "rolled over" as mentioned above, you will need to setup a new account so that we may maintain accurate and up to date information on all our account holders.

What is this Form 8453OL?
The Form 8453OL is a form you must send to the IRS after your electronically filed return has been accepted by the IRS. You should attach your W2s, 1099Rs, etc. to the form when you send it. The e-mail we send you when your return is accepted will contain instructions on where to go to get the form and where to mail it.

Can I use my ECN in this system?
Electronic Customer Numbers are something new this year. The IRS has issued these number to a select group of filers who can then use these numbers on electronically filed returns instead of having to send in a paper Form 8453OL. You can't apply for one, you must be issued one by the IRS. If you have one, put it on the Jurat/Disclosure statement located near the end or your Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ in the system.

Why do different bank account numbers show up on my 1040 and on my Form 8453OL when I choose to have my service fees withdrawn from my refund?
When you make this election, your refund is routed through Santa Barbara Bank & Trust so fees can be withdrawn. The refund, minus the designated fees, is deposited directly from Santa Barbara Bank & Trust to your bank and into your account. The transfer process generally takes 48 hours or less after SBBT receives the funds from the IRS.

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