Electronic Billing Services

Introduction. Consumers are demanding a single point of access for reviewing and paying ALL of their bills online. Check101 provides a universal Inbox that combines both electronic and paper bills and delivers them to thousands of customers each month. In the effort to further accelerate EBPP adoption and availability, Check101 targets both sides of the e-billing fence: billers and consumers. Billers, BSPs, and technology service providers who share our commitment to evolve and improve the EBPP experience can extend their reach by tapping into Check101's established and growing audience, streamline the billing and payment process, reduce costs and better serve their customers.

Services Offered:

  • Bill Presentment and Payment Portal
  • Payment Accounts with ATM cards for UN-banked Consumers
  • Transfer Cash / Send Cash to Anyone Anywhere
  • Customer Billing Services for Small Business, Churches, Utilities, and Non-Profits
  • Banking Portals for Smaller Banks and Credit Unions
  • Electronic Coupon Transaction Processing
  • Credit Card Verification / Check to Cash Merchant Gateways


  • Web Interface
  • Telephone
  • Interactive TV
  • Wireless Devices (Cell Phones, PDAs, etc.)
  • ATM / Kiosks
  • PC Software

Speed to Market. Check101's Biller Services Program enables our billers to bring a proven solution to market quickly, without having to acquire the technology, invest in the infrastructure, or consume the time, manpower and expertise required to build and operate such a system in–house.

Increased Site Traffic and Improved Customer Loyalty. A partner portal, powered by Check101, can immediately increase the "stickiness" of partner sites by building strong affinity, driving repeat traffic and encouraging customer retention. While only 26% of online banking customers visit their sites 3 or more times per month*, 99% of subscribers typically return 3 or more times in a month.

Extended Reach. Check101's rapidly growing bill distribution network ensures billers better accessibility to their customers. Delivering bills electronically through enables billers to reach more of their customers than they could attract to their own sites. Making bills available through saves customers the time and hassle of logging onto multiple sites, providing them with the simplicity and convenience they are looking for.

Cost Savings. leverages the Internet to eliminate paper, printing, insertion, and postage costs associated with traditional billing operations. Streamlined processes afforded by electronic bill presentment and payment will reduce labor costs and improve cash flow for billers. Also, bypassing conventional remittance lockbox processing and exception handling procedures virtually guarantees 100% accuracy in posting customer payments.

Improved Customer Service. Delivering richly formatted bills through Check101 opens up a new channel of customer interaction and facilitates a meaningful online experience. By enabling secure content distribution, targeted marketing and customer service, Check101 helps billers maximize their customer relationships in a manner which complements their own Web strategy.

Assured Customer Acceptance. Check101's convenient interface facilitates rapid customer receptivity. Check101 provides a single point of access for millions of customers to review and pay 100% of their bills online, regardless of the bill format – paper or electronic. Since Check101 customers are already accustomed to receiving all of their bills online, there are no hurdles or objections to overcome when billers convert from paper to electronic format.




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*Media Metrix/Goldman Sachs


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