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A Wake Up Call For All Banks

Atlanta, GA–August 20, 2001; As layoffs of workers continue to soar, consumers are more likely to overdraft their bank checking account, resulting in loss of their checking account at their bank and unable to open another checking account, once they are reported to CHEX Systems.

Unfortunately, once your name gets onto the CHEX database, it remains there for 5-7 years. There are over 7 million consumers in the U.S. listed on CHEX, plus another 5-20 million Americans without checking accounts. Many have simply given up after trying several banks without success.

Up until now, the only alternative was check cashing stores that charge anywhere from 1% to 20% of the check amount. The average unbanked consumer pays $60 per month to cash their paycheck. "That's outrageous", says Tom Psillas, principal founder of, Inc.

This prompted to develop a checking account alternative that does what a checking account does for less than $25, saving the consumer 50% or more on check cashing and money order fees.

By partnering with Lynk Systems in Atlanta, offers the unbanked consumer a bank ATM card, plus pays all the consumers bills from the ATM bank account. The consumer simply has his/her employer direct deposit their payroll check to their ATM bank account.

"Our customer achieves the convenience of a checking account, without the hassles of running to check cashing stores, the Post Office, to pay bills," said Tom Psillas, President of, Inc. "They simply go to the nearest ATM when they need cash and log on to's secure website to pay bills or send cash to others."

"There are competitors offering payroll card solutions for the unbanked market, but no company is addressing the complete problem or providing the convenience that the consumer deserves. These people are being unfairly taken advantage of", says Tom Psillas.

In a pilot program conducted by the company, consumers were anxious to sign up for the service. With just word of mouth advertising, over 600 consumers signed up during a 90 day period. Based on preliminary results, the company expects to sign up over 1 million consumers within 18 months.

The company also offers a credit card solution, issued by Capital One Bank, in Richmond, Virginia, helping consumers reestablish their credit ratings. is a revolutionary service that will save the average company thousands of dollars and allow real-time access to any business through any Internet equipped computer, Interactive television, telephone, cellular phone and/or Palm platform PDA. Headquartered in Conyers, GA, an Atlanta suburb, was developed by MOS Systems, Inc., a provider of Internet solutions to startup companies and other organizations interested in constructing a superior Internet presence. Since its founding in 1995, MOS Systems, Inc., has added value to online businesses by combining its experience, commitment and technical expertise to meet the unique needs of each client. MOS clients include Avon Products, Georgia-Pacific,, and others.

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