Biller Services

Internet Billing Implementation

Check101 provides consulting services to help ensure the successful implementation of Internet Billing and Customer Care solutions. Check101 consultants assist billers with services ranging from simple portal setup to system architecture design, hardware capacity planning, implementation, and system testing.

These services are provided based on your billing requirements. Most smaller billers will be able to use our online portal and be online within 24 hours. You will have the following capabilities:

  • Enter tickets for professional services, time-billing, product sales, recurring charges, utility billing detail. You can also import from an existing billing software package.
  • Automatic or manual preparation of invoices and statements, based on rules you set up. For example you may send out statements on the 10th of each month. You could set up a rule to create those statements automatically, post them, and send out e-mail notifications to your customers that allow them.
  • Your customers can register for free to receive their bill online. If a customer signs up for one of our full services, you receive a commission.
  • Your customers can pay the bill you sent them online. This provides your firm or practice with improved cash flow and lower billing costs. Your staff's time is freed up for more important activities.
  • You can view customer account activity online. You can view sales charts, invoice aging reports, plus more. You can download these reports for import into other applications for further analysis or processing.

However, if you do require major customization to ensure the success of an enterprise-wide implementation of your particular solutions, rest assured that consulting services has a proven implementation methodology in place.

This methodology consists of:

Planning and resourcing: In the planning and resourcing phase, the project team focuses on developing the project infrastructure, selecting project resources, identifying hardware and software requirements, confirming project scope, creating detailed project plans and timelines, and outlining project management strategies.

Analysis and design: In the analysis and design phase, the project team explores current business processes within the organization, defines required user interface customizations, determines external system integration requirements, explores data setup and management processes, determines if any customizations of Check101 solutions are required, identifies internal support requirements, and defines deployment requirements.

Integration and customization: During the integration and customization phase, the project team installs any necessary hardware infrastructure, sets up the development environment, integrates Check101 solutions with your back-end systems, customizes the client’s user interface (if required), and tests all solutions.

Deployment: The deployment phase of the project focuses on deployment planning, verification of production system readiness, data center installation, and training of end users, database administrators, and system administrators.

Support: Once Check101 solutions have been deployed, the support phase becomes critical to the success of the project. In this phase, the project team defines support requirements, designs a support plan, and ensures that the support plan is aligned with the deployment plan for the organization.

The Check101 Professional Services Group is available to work with customers at any time to identify and discuss business needs and requirements for the implementation of Check101 billing solutions.

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